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25 Days of Cookies, Day Four

Today I feel a little bit better . . . heck I’m lying I still feel like someone ran over me with a semi. But, I decided I should get up sometime before noon. Armed with a recipe for Persimmon Cookies I found at a lovely blog called . I only changed the recipe a little bit, I’m allergic to walnuts so I didn’t add them and I don’t really care for raisins so I omitted them as well. I’m trying to bake cookies with stuff I already have at home, so that was another reason why I didn’t put in the raisin’s.

My mother is also doing the 25 days of cookies and instead of trying to figure out a recipe for herself as well, she came over!

Persimmon Cookies

These cookies go together really easily, especially if your persimmon’s are kind of soft (mine were almost bad). I learned in Japan about different persimmon’s (柿) and got to taste both kinds while I was there. One version needs to be soaked in alcohol before used because it is bitter eaten plain. The other kind is sweeter and eaten raw, that is the kind I used in these cookies.

The orange glaze on top tasted very good with the spicy cookies but they were also very good plain! If you want to try them out yourself you can find the recipe on the blog .